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5 Great Ways to Find Your Next Read

With thousands of books published every year, choosing what to read can be more than a little overwhelming. Never fear, though - we're here to help! Here are five great ways to pick a book: Browse our recommended lists  Did you know we have a whole page of booklists created by KCLS librarians? Here, you […]

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Required Summer Reading That Doesn’t Make You Groan

Every summer, millions of teens are asked to read books off of a list of required summer reading and every summer the sound of millions of teens groaning can be heard throughout the land. This rite of passage has haunted and terrified teens for centuries. I still remember some of the required books I had […]

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My Guilty (Reading) Pleasure

RestoreeBibWidget Just take a gander at that cover, eh? What self-respecting hard science fiction nerd like yours truly is going to be anything but embarrassed to be seeing reading this book? But darn, it's addictive fun. Written by award winning SF-writer Anne McCaffrey (Dragonflight, Dragonsong), its been read and re-read by her many fans (including me). […]

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10 to Try Check-in: July

This month for 10 to Try, I tackled Read a Debut. I chose Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile, a debut published in 2014 (also in eBook, large print, audiobook, and downloadable audiobook). We also have the first season of the TV show based on the book - and we have the author coming for a visit in just a couple of weeks!BibWidget […]

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Movies We Love to Hate

When it comes to "bad" movies there are some that make me feel so bad I never want to watch them again, and then there are the ones I love to hate. Like Hudson Hawk,* which is a 90s heist comedy starring Bruce Willis with an okay premise that takes a sudden turn through Weirdville en route […]

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