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King County Library System: Devoted to Lifelong Learning

Most of us who love libraries share a simple philosophy: Never stop learning. And why would we? The joy of learning, and the knowledge gained from it – through reading, experiences, or simply connecting with others – can span a lifetime. Learning nurtures the human spirit. Knowledge is transformative and empowering. It instills empathy by […]

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10 to Try Check-in: August

It's summer! In the spirit of taking it easy, I chose Read a Book Recommended by KCLS Staff this month and let someone else pick my book. I asked for recommendations for witty romantic comedies (something like Eligible or The Royal We, both of which are perfect summer reads).BibWidgetBibWidget A friend and coworker suggested Public Relations, a comedy about a PR professional and […]

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Eclipse-Watcher’s Guide

It was incorrectly reported in the media that all libraries would have glasses.  We apologize for any inconvenience. However, we are excited about the upcoming event! The Great American Eclipse is coming! Are you excited? We know we are! Even though total solar eclipses happen around the world about every eighteen months, there hasn't been […]

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