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Covington Library is partially closed and will offer limited services through May 30.


On Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, all KCLS libraries will be closed. My Account, premium databases, and eBooks may be briefly unavailable from 6 am to 4 pm during maintenance.


Lake Hills: Blogs

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10 To Try – Graphic Novels with Lynda Barry

I don't think of myself as someone who reads comics or graphic novels, yet I am someone who faithfully clipped Ernie Pook's Comeek by Lynda Barry from the back pages of Seattle Weekly for years. This quirky strip focused on the daily adventures of young Marlys, her moody teenage sister Maybonne, and little brother Freddy […]

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Fake News: Check the Supporting Sources


So you know what fake news is, and have learned to read beyond the headline. But your detective work does not stop there. Good news articles often discuss or directly link to supporting sources of information. That source may be a speech given by a politician, a scientific paper, a court ruling or even a […]

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10 to Try Check-In: May

10 to Try 2017 Reading Challenge

Confession: I didn't really think 10 to Try was going to  "work" for me. I read pretty broadly already (it's kind of my job, after all), so I wasn't sure I'd be trying anything different or new. But five months in, I'm finding that I'm picking up books that I might not've read otherwise - […]

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Listening in on Nixon and Watergate

A retro tape recorder with "Pause" and "Start" on the device.

Watergate is the scandal to which all others are compared. You have heard it on the news. The sound bites go something like: "In what might be the biggest scandal to hit Washington D.C. since Watergate...", or "Is this [name of politician]'s Watergate?" President Richard Nixon's name and his involvement in the cover-up of a […]

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Get Your Mind On Your Money!

Dollar bills planted in the ground like sprouts.

Are you an expert investor looking for the resources to decide how to re-balance your stock portfolio? Have you got some savings and are thinking ahead to retirement and figuring that whole mutual fund thing out? Maybe you just have a checking account and don't know a money market account from a monkey. No matter […]

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