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“What books can I share with kids about a dying pet?”

One of the hardest topics for parents to talk about with children--especially young children--is death.   Death is sometimes scary.  It's mysterious, and often sad. Most of us want to protect the children we love from scary, sad and mysterious situations. However, if you live a life with animals as I do, you need to know about […]

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Getting Started with Robotics

featured image

Are you interested in building and programming robots? With robotics you can design, build, and program a robot to do almost anything you can imagine! If you'd like to learn more about robotics, we've got resources to explore this technology at home and in the community. ideaX Robotics at the Library At the library, you […]

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10 to Try Mystery Challenge: STEM

E coli bacteria

When I heard about 10 to Try, I decided to challenge myself by reading a genre I have a love/hate relationship with: mystery. Why do I love some mysteries but can't get into others? How many flavors of mystery are there? Each month I'll read a mystery in one of the 10 to Try categories, and this month it's […]

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Odd Movie Couples That Won’t Make You Roll Your Eyes

two skeletons, one offering a rose to the other

Valentine's Day always spawns a million lists of adorable couples in movies, and, by the end, we are reminded of the passionate journey and triumph of true love. While I do reserve a small space in my cold, dead heart for films like these, mostly they make me roll my eyes so much that I'm afraid they'll […]

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10 to Try Check-in: February

10 to Try 2017 Reading Challenge

If you start with the hardest thing, it's all downhill from there, right? Reading is very rarely hard for me, but I'll admit that I've been eyeing the 10 to Try STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) category with some trepidation. Determined to get it out of the way first, I downloaded Magic and Loss, a […]

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