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Banned Books and the Freedom to Read

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. To Kill a Mockingbird. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone…. three very different books that share a common thread. Each year, individuals across the country take it upon themselves to decide what books you should and should not read. These are three that apparently you should not. Yes, […]

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Books I Would Give My 16 Year Old Self


One of the many perks of being a teen services librarian is getting to inspire teens to read for fun, not just because they have too. When you’re in high school you have so much “required reading” for school that it's daunting to even think about reading, let alone reading something YOU want to. So […]

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How to Become a Library Power User

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Are you always stopping by your nearest library? Do you often push that holds limit? Is your stack of to-be-read library books in danger of toppling over? You just might be a library power user. If you're already there or just want to step up your library game, we've got some insider tips for how […]

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Read a Banned Book!


Hey! Did you know that the last week of September is Banned Books Week? It's sort of like the library world's own little holiday where we celebrate the freedom to read by reading, talking about, and highlighting the most controversial books published in the United States every year. This year's focus is on the number […]

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Four Atmospheric Autumn Reads


I love autumn. I love cardigan weather and listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and curling up on a brisk day with a book in hand. But not just any book will do. I want something that screams "fall". Something that evokes the colors of the season, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and […]

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