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Adult Summer Camp at Home!


I'll be honest, I sometimes experience palpable pangs of envy when my friends' children share their summer camp stories with me. You mean to tell me that while us grownups were toiling away at our day jobs and paying bills, you kiddos were learning handicrafts, huddling beneath the night sky with a glow-in-the-dark star map, and playing Capture the Flag?! No […]

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Gamer Alert: Read-Alikes For Your Favorite Games


My favorite video games are like my favorite books - Full immersion, unique characters, and LOTS of action. When I beat a game that I was hoping would never end, I look to books to bring me back to captivating worlds like the ones I enjoyed exploring in-game. The books (and movies) below should help […]

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hoopla Film School: Vintage Disney!


Greetings students, and welcome to another edition of hoopla Film School! The Disney brand may be best known for its legacy of classic animated features and sprawling theme parks, but I've always had a soft spot for their live action movies of the 1970s and '80s. Many a Saturday morning in my youth was spent eating soggy Cheerios while […]

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Re-watchable TV

Okay, I know re-watchable is a made up word but confess, you use it all the time too.  Because we all have certain TV shows that are our old friends.  Ones we watch again and again when we are stuck at home with a cold, that we put on in the background while we clean.  It doesn’t matter if […]

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Coming-Of-Age Thrillers & Chillers


Ever since I watched the made-for-TV adaptation of Stephen King's It at a middle school slumber party, I've been captivated by coming-of-age horror stories and mysteries. Sure, I also devoured all of Judy Blume's candid yet wistful novels of adolescence as ravenously as any other precocious prepubescent with a library card. But the coming-of-age horror/thriller subgenres particularly appealed to me by […]

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