How do I register for an “Exam from Home” certification session?


  • Make sure you have completed a GMetrix practice test (in test mode) with an 80% score or better. (Find the list of available exams and learning resources on our certification page.)
  • Make sure your home computer meets the minimum requirements for "Exams from Home (EFH)."
  • Make sure you have a:
    • functional built-in or external webcam on your computer, and
    • government issue photo ID.

To request registration

  1. Choose an exam date and time on our calendar. (Registration cutoff for a session is one business day before the scheduled exam date.)
  2. Email with the subject line “EFH Registration Request." You must include:
  • your full name
  • the name of the specific certification exam you will be taking  
  • a screenshot or PDF of your "Test" mode practice exam with score of 80% or better  
  • the exam date and time

After you request registration

On Day of the Exam

  • About 30 minutes before exam time, you will get an email with two links and instructions:
    • One link will connect you to a private video call through a browser. This step allows us to confirm your identity with government issue photo ID.
    • The other link connects you to the Exam from Home session.