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Tell Me A Story

The KCLS story time companion for parents and caregivers.


Two Little Hands go Clap, Clap, Clap
Two Little Houses   
Two little penguins
Two Mother Pigs
Tyrannosaurus Rex
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Umbrellas Go Up, Umbrellas Go Down
Under the Darkness
Unhatched Egg
Up and Down and Round and Around
Up Up Up, Down, Down, Down
Up, Down, Turn Around
Up, Up, Up, In the Sky Like This
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Valentines, Valentines
Very Very Tall
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Waddling Penguins
Wake up Toes!
Walk Around the Circle
Walk Old Joe
Walkin' Ol' Joe
Walking in the Sunshine
Walking Through The Jungle
Walking, Walking
Walter, Walter Wag Tail
Walter, Walter Wag Tail
Wash the Dishes
Washing Clothes
Washing Machine
Water Animals
Watermelon Has One Black Seed
Watermelon Song
Wave Hi, Wave Low
Wave Scarves
Wave with One Hand
Waves at the Beach
Waves on the sea
Way Up High In the Apple Tree
Way Up High in the Sky
Way Up In The Sky
We All Go Traveling By
We are Going to the Zoo
We Are Picking the Apples
We Can Jump, Jump, Jump
We Clap and Sing Hello
We Hit the Floor Together
We Like Rice
We Love Babies
We Love Mothers
We Raise Our Hands Up High
We Shake Our Eggs Down Low
We Wave Hello Like This
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
We're a Musical Family
We're All a Family Under One Sky
We're Following the Leader
We're Going On A Bear Hunt
We're Going on a Bug Hunt
We're going on a dinosaur hunt
We're Going on a Pirate Hunt
We're Going on a Santa Hunt
We're Going to Kentucky
We're Jumping on the Beach
We're Walking on the Ice
We've Got the Whole World In Our Hands
Wear a Feather
Weather Bounce
Wee Wiggie
Wee Willie Winkie
Welcome, Welcome Everyone
What a Surprise
What about Kangaroo?
What are You Wearing?
What do You do with a Cranky Baby?
What Have I Got in My Toolbox?
What is a Circle?
What is My Job?
What is That Sound?
What Shall We Do with a Tiny Baby?
What's in the Blue Bag
What's in the Egg?
What's in the Yellow Box
What’ll I do with the Baby-Oh?
What’ll I do with the Baby-Oh?
Wheels on the Bus
When Animals Get Up in the Morning
When Cold Winds Blow
When Ducks Get Up in the Morning
When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears
When I Stretch Up I Feel So Tall
When I Wake Up in the Morning
When I Was One
When You're One
Where are the Baby Mice?
Where Can the Ponies Go?
Where is (Name)?
Where is Baby?
Where is M?
Where is Puppet?
Where is Santa?
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