You Loved the Blog, Now Read the Book

Blogging is an easy and usually harmless way to share your thoughts and interests with the world. Really good at arts and crafts? Passionate about an obscure movie/band/book? Strong opinions on the love lives of fictional TV characters? All good reasons to start a blog. While most bloggers toil in obscurity, some rise to a surprising level of fame. And fame, naturally, leads to a book deal. From the hilarious to the informative, these books contain the best posts from their respective sites and even new content for your reading pleasure.


I Am Pusheen the Cat

Do you like cats? Do you like adorable cartoon cats? Do you like adorable cartoon cats dressed up in costumes? Then you’ll love Pusheen, a cartoon cat (surprise!) whose whimsical adventures are almost as cute as Pusheen herself.


Texts From Jane Eyre

The premise of Texts From Jane Eyre is as simple as it is irresistible: what if famous literary works were written in the form of text messages? It’s perfect for nerdy former English majors or anyone else who likes quirky literary humor.


Notorious RBG

What began as a Tumblr shrine to everyone’s favorite Supreme Court Justice has turned into a surprisingly informative and entertaining biography of the one and only Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Hyperbole and A Half

Author Allie Brosh's struggles with depression are chronicled through humorous and insightful illustrated essays, many of which appeared on her blog before making it into this book.


What If?

Truly we are living in a golden age, for we now have a book that uses science to answer questions about the plausibility of ideas such as weaponizing C4-laden boomerangs and building a LEGO bridge that could transport cars from London to New York.