Teen Book Horoscope: Libra

Welcome to Young Adult Book Horoscope!

A new blog series where I will look at the current zodiac sign and offer book suggestions based on the traits and characteristics assigned to that sign.

Our first Book Horoscope is Libra, the zodiac sign for people born September 23 – October 23.



Character Traits:

Fair, peaceful, justice seeker, indecisive, looks for balance and symmetry in all things, good listener, compromiser, romantic, social and loving.

Whether you’re a Libra or can just relate to them, here are some young adult books that might appeal to the Libra in you.

Lovely War

A sweeping, romantic story that follows four teens from different backgrounds through the events of WWI. Told from the perspectives of the Greek gods of love, war and death this tender book will appeal to a Libra’s sense of keeping things in balance as they read how love and war must work together to decide the teens' fates.

How It Went Down

When Tariq is shot and killed in his neighborhood by an older white man the event triggers outrage and sadness in his community. With seventeen different accounts on what happened, you will need to use your Libra skills in listening and social justice to find the truth about what happened that day.

The Wrath & the Dawn

In this retelling of Arabian Nights, Shahrzad plans to seek vengeance for her friend’s death by marrying the evil prince who killed her and countless other girls. But what Shahrzad finds inside the palace is not an evil prince, but someone far more complex and gentle. Libras will relate to Shahrzad’s determination for justice and the compromise she must make when she falls in love with the villain.

Three Sides of A Heart

What’s more indecisive than a love triangle? As a Libra knows, making a choice can be hard when you need to weigh out your options before deciding. This short story collection is full of people caught in a wavering love triangle including teen zombies, superheroes and space travelers.