Ways Teens Can Celebrate Pride

Pride month is celebrated every June and helps bring awareness and support for LGTBQ+ communities. Its goal is to shine light on the discrimination, historical impacts and diversity of the group. It's also the same month the Stonewall Riots took place in New York City in 1969. The Stonewall Riots were some of the first protests in response to the harassment and mistreatment of LGTBQ+ community. Pride month is now celebrated with marches, parades, and events to help us remember the people who stood up and demanded equality.

There are several ways you can support and take part in Pride this year.

Online Events

Come to a Pride Open Mic Night and listen to poetry written by LGBTQ+ teens and allies. Rewrite a classic story to include LGTBQ+ characters. Hangout with other teens and play trivia while making Pride inspired crafts. Watch a documentary about homeless LGBTQ+ teens and take part in a discussion afterwards. Find out how to legally change your name.


Check out an LGBTQ+ teen book or read an award winner from the Rainbow Book List. There's lots of great books explaining the history of Pride and for younger kids learning about LGBTQ+ diversity.

Community Resources

Many community agencies are hosting virtual programs. Seattle Pride is hosting their annual parade online this year. Lambert House, a youth centered LGBTQ+ agency, is hosting several online events including a Pink Prom. The Gender Justice League is sponsoring a Trans Pride online event with speakers, youth activities and workshops.