Watch Out! Horror for Teens

I am a huge Halloween fan. I love the excuse to dress up in amazing clothes, act like a different person, and read scary books. I'm not normally an avid horror or ghost story reader, but during this time of year, it's hard not to pick up a scary book and get in the Halloween spirit.

If you're like me and like to get spooked around the last few weeks of October here are some books to get you in the mood.

Dreaming Darkly

Ever since moving to the remote island of Darkhaven Ivy keeps waking up from terrible nightmares covered in blood. Are these night terrors or part of a family curse that has plagued Ivy’s family for generations? Gothic and dark this twisty read is sure to give you nightmares.

The Devouring Gray

A small town is haunted by a supernatural mist called The Gray that comes from the woods and devours anything in its path. The Gray has gotten more powerful and it’s up to four local teens to find a way to stop it. This classic monster story has well-developed characters and a touch of fantasy.

The Haunted

Hendricks has moved into the local haunted house and after a series of terrifying events is convinced she has to find a way to stop the ghosts. Perfect for haunted house lovers and anyone who likes to jump out of their seats in fright.

Scream Site

Scream Site is a website where people can post scary videos and try to get the most “screams.” Are the videos real or made up? A page-turning mystery for those that need something a little on the tame side.

The Lonely Dead

Adele can see and talk to the ghosts of dead people. This ability comes in handy when her best friend is murdered and Adele becomes the prime suspect. This new book from suspense queen April Henry is sure to please your scary ghost story craving.

The Missing Season

Every Halloween kids in the town of Pender disappear and it’s blamed on the Mumbler, a monster man who lives in the woods. In Stephen King style, a group of young teens must find a way to stop the terrifying creature before it strikes again.