Want to Launch a Rocket into Space?

This winter, tweens and teens can learn how to build and launch a rocket into orbit at KCLS libraries thanks to funding from the KCLS Foundation.

Am I talking about real rockets that are hundreds of feet tall? No. I'm talking about virtual rockets that you can build in the computer game Kerbal Space Program. It's got little green men and women (Kerbals), rocket engines and fuel tanks you can snap together, and a realistic physics engine that will simulate your rocket's flight or crash.

An instructor from The Museum of Flight will teach you how to get a rocket into orbit. The rest is up to you! Find an Intro to Kerbal Space Program workshop near you.

It's an exciting time to get into the space industry.

Blue Origin is launching their New Shepard rocket and landing its reusable booster, designing an all-American rocket engine, and taking steps towards flights with human passengers.

Boeing and several other aerospace companies are working on the Space Launch System for NASA.

SpaceX is launching their Falcon 9 rocket and landing its first stage so they can reuse it. The company has also designed a new spacecraft for cargo and astronauts called Dragon, and is working towards launching missions to Mars.

President Obama and many others want to see humans on Mars by the year 2030. Will you be a part of that dream?

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