Tuesday Teen Recommendations: The Double

Every week a guest teen reviewer shares a book, movie, or music recommendation. This week's guest post is by a 10th grader at the Shoreline Library. 

The Double [streaming video]

At the time of the Cold War, CIA agent Paul Shepherdson hunts a group of professional killers in the service of the KGB, the Cassius Seven, as well as their head Cassius. Some twenty years after the collapse of communism, Cassius is still alive and the one who knows every file on him is FBI agent Ben Geary.

When Senator Dennis Darden is murdered in Cassius-like fashion, the case is taken over by the CIA. Retired Paul Shepherdson is reactivated to investigate, and he must work with Geary, who has never worked in the field. Shepherdson is anything but enthusiastic about the idea, while Geary thinks he is at the goal of his dreams, to hunt down the man he knows so much about. The only lead is Brutus, a member of the Cassius Seven who is in solitary confinement in a prison.

Shortly after the agents' visit, Brutus swallows some batteries and is taken to a hospital. He manages to escape, but Shepherdson is already waiting for him at the back entrance. The latter now reveals himself as Cassius and kills Brutus by cutting his throat with a steel cable hidden in his watch. Geary, meanwhile, continues to search the files for a clue to Cassius' identity. Shepherdson tries to influence Geary's wife, Natalie, to persuade her husband to desist from hunting Cassius.

Unfortunately, this is to no avail, and Shepherdson is determined to kill the young agent, who gets dangerously close to him as the investigation continues. However, an unexpected piece of information about Geary changes everything. Recommended for ages 14 and older.