Trend Spotting: Stories of the Sea

When you work in a library, it's hard not to notice when bookish trends start to emerge. As we fill the holds shelves with shiny new novels and seek out titles for interesting displays, common themes often begin to jump out from the covers of books. Last year it was all about "the girl who..." but this year, I've been surprised to see a large number of new books featuring the sea. While they may share this watery common link, it's interesting to see an otherwise varied group of titles in terms of genre and storyline. If you, like me, are intrigued to discover what deep, dark secrets might be lurking beneath the depths of these tales, consider checking one out from your local library today. And, as always, happy reading!

The Sea Beast Takes A Lover

This imaginative collection of short stories explores hope, love, and loss through varied, unsettling landscapes and wildly fantastic tales.

The Seas

Moored in a coastal fishing town so far north that the highways only run south, the unnamed narrator of The Seas is a misfit. She's often the subject of cruel local gossip. Her father, a sailor, walked into the ocean eleven years earlier and never returned, leaving his wife and daughter to keep a forlorn vigil. Surrounded by water and beckoned by the sea, she clings to what her father once told her: that she is a mermaid. True to myth, she finds herself in hard love with a land-bound man, an Iraq War veteran thirteen years her senior. The mesmerizing, fevered coming-of-age tale that follows will land her in jail. Her otherworldly escape will become the stuff of legend.

Land Mammals and Sea Creatures

When a blue whale beaches itself, it is only the beginning of a strange series of animal suicides. What might this mean...for animals, for humans, for the earth?

From A Low and Quiet Sea

For Farouk, family is all. He has protected his wife and daughter as best he can from the war and hatred that has torn Syria apart. If they stay, they will lose their freedom, will become lesser persons. If they flee, they will lose all they have known of home, for some intangible dream of refuge in some faraway land across the merciless sea. 

The Seas of Distant Stars

An otherworldly, interplanetary coming-of-age story full of magic and mayhem and featuring a strong female lead you can't help but love. 

For even more murky reads, feel free to explore this longer list of fresh new seafaring stories!