Three Graphic Novels for Fans of Smile

Superhero comics tend to dominate the media, but there's another comics hero topping the best seller lists these days. Raina Telgemeier writes and illustrates graphic novels primarily aimed at pre-teens. Her books are huge hits with the elementary and middle school crowd, though these realistic, largely autobiographical tales of adolescence will resonate with readers of any age. Smile, her first original work, has been on the New York Times' Paperback Graphic Books Best Seller list for 199+ weeks and counting.

For readers who have already devoured all of her books, here are three more contemporary coming-of-age graphic novels to enjoy.


Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova

Penelope Torres is the new girl at her middle school. She joins the art club to make friends, but will they be able to defeat the science club in a battle for a place at the club fair?


Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Astrid and her best friend Nicole used to do everything together. But when Astrid discovers the fast-paced, fun world of roller derby, their friendship is put to the test.


The Dumbest Idea Ever! by Jimmy Gownley

Trying to regain his popularity after missing the championship basketball game, Jimmy decides to try drawing comics about him and his friends. This is the true story of the creator of the Amelia Rules! comics series.