Thank You, Volunteers!

Volunteering one's time and talents to help people is an excellent way to make a positive impact in communities, and the KCLS community is very fortunate to have hundreds of volunteers that lend thousands of hours a year to help people.

Thank you, Volunteers, for all that you do to help people!

KCLS Volunteers help grade-school students with their homework, help people learn about computers and technology, help people that can't get to a library receive library materials at home, help people practice speaking English, help people prepare for U.S. Citizenship exams, and help Library Staff around the library. When you see a Study Zone, Tech Tutor, Outreach, Talk Time, Citizenship, or Library Volunteer, give them a smile and "thanks!" for helping others, especially during this week of National Volunteer Week.

Volunteering can be very educational and fulfilling, as well. If you'd like to explore how you may volunteer, including at KCLS, take a look at the websites linked below. Have a great day!

KCLS Volunteer Programs

United Way of King County

Points of Light

Volunteer Match