Teen Double Dare Challenge: Week 6

We "DOUBLE DARE" you to join a set of weekly challenges online! Share your creativity and skills to be entered into monthly drawings for $25 gift cards (two will be given away each month), as well as a chance to be displayed on the library's social media pages. 
To view the main Double Dare page, with past challenges and more information, visit this page., opens a new window

How do I participate?

Each week, we'll post two creative challenges. You can respond to either one, or both! 

  1. Check this page each week for the latest challenges.
  2. Submit your responses using this form, opens a new window.
  3. (Optional) Share your creative work on social media using the hashtag #KCLSDoubleDare

Week 6 Challenge (week of July 20)

1. We double dare you to create a short video story for TikTok, Instagram or personal use that takes place in the future. Think about all of the details about how life will be the same or different.
  • What would our houses look like?
  • What would we eat?
  • What would a normal day in the future look like? Include fun props, interesting fashion and futuristic dialogue. 

2. For this exercise, your raw material will be your recent history of internet searches and saves. You captured these images for some reason, and now you have the chance to transform them into something new! We double dare you to: 

  • Find a screen shot you have saved to your phone that intrigues you.
  • Manipulate the photo on your phone in any way you like, using your phone's photo editor, third-party photo editing, social media, or collage app.
  • Create an artwork in real life using any material in any dimension based on your final manipulated image.

(This challenge is adapted/altered from an assignment in You Are An Artist, opens a new window)