Teen Double Dare Challenge: Week 5

We "DOUBLE DARE" you to join a set of weekly challenges online! Share your creativity and skills to be entered into monthly drawings for $25 gift cards (two will be given away each month), as well as a chance to be displayed on the library's social media pages. 
To view the main Double Dare page, with past challenges and more information, visit this page., opens a new window

How do I participate?

Each week, we'll post two creative challenges. You can respond to either one, or both! 

  1. Check this page each week for the latest challenges.
  2. Submit your responses using this form, opens a new window.
  3. (Optional) Share your creative work on social media using the hashtag #KCLSDoubleDare

Week 5 Challenge (week of July 13)

  1. In this week's Double Dare: We want you! This is a chance to think beyond what you’re fighting against and assess what is actually worth fighting for. Summon your courage, marshal your convictions, and accept this invitation to muster!
  • Declare your cause, in a few words or a full-on manifesto. 
  • Fashion a sign out of materials you have at hand. 
  • Take a picture of yourself with your sign in front of a neutral background. 

(This challenge is adapted/altered from an assignment in You Are An Artist, opens a new window)

2. Create a viewfinder by cutting a shape out of a piece of paper. Walk around with this viewfinder taking in different scenes. Draw several of these scenes that you see through the viewfinder.

  • How does the viewfinder change what you see?
  • What is beyond the frame of the viewfinder that you are choosing not to include?
  • Think about where you might install a viewfinder in your house. Instead of cutting a hole, draw what you imagine you would see through your viewfinder at home and install this drawing there. Ask your family to contribute drawings about what they imagine. Take turns hanging these drawings.