Teen Double Dare Challenge: Week 4

We "DOUBLE DARE" you to join a set of weekly challenges online! Share your creativity and skills to be entered into monthly drawings for $25 gift cards (two will be given away each month), as well as a chance to be displayed on the library's social media pages. 
To view the main Double Dare page, with past challenges and more information, visit this page., opens a new window

How do I participate?

Each week, we'll post two creative challenges. You can respond to either one, or both! 

  1. Check this page each week for the latest challenges.
  2. Submit your responses using this form, opens a new window.
  3. (Optional) Share your creative work on social media using the hashtag #KCLSDoubleDare

Week 4 Challenge (week of July 6)

  1. We double dare you to recreate a work of art using materials you have on hand.

2. We double dare you to create a TikTok (or any short video) of yourself within your own fantastical environment—this could be an environment you create through props, AR, or your movement in the space.

  • Create a quick video story that happens within or about this place you have created.
  • Be sure to include lots of interesting details to create a clear picture of what happens in this place and of the people who live there.