Teen Double Dare Challenge: Week 2

We "DOUBLE DARE" you to join a set of weekly challenges online! Share your creativity and skills to be entered into monthly drawings for $25 gift cards (two will be given away each month), as well as a chance to be displayed on the library's social media pages. 
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How do I participate?

Each week, we'll post two creative challenges. You can respond to either one, or both! 

  1. Check this page each week for the latest challenges.
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  3. (Optional) Share your creative work on social media using the hashtag #KCLSDoubleDare

Week 2 Challenge (week of June 22) 

1. We Double Dare you to create yourself as a TV series character.
  • What are your accessories?
  • What is your job?
  • What role do you play?

Create a short video of yourself expressing your character's quirks, humor and style. We encourage you to be as original as you would like and/or immerse yourself in the world of one of your favorite shows. Props are a plus!

2. For this week’s Double Dare challenge, we want you to think of a subject, object, person or ideology that inspires you and create a mini zine about your topic of choice! This could be anything from your favorite album released in 2020 to your favorite kind of mustard to an activity you enjoy doing with friends. 

  • Create a title for your zine and create a cover page. If you want, feel free to design an entire 8 page mini zine folded from a sheet of 8.5 x 11” paper (or any size you happen to have!).
  • We encourage you to explore a number of methods for making your zines: from collaging to handwriting out your thoughts to scanning objects from your room, etc.

A Zine (pronounced ‘zeen’ like the last half of “magazine”) is a self-published, small press or homemade publication similar to a pamphlet. Zines often address specialized topics from an independent, passionate or alternative viewpoint. The primary goal of zines is generally to share ideas - to inspire and be inspired.

Below is a list of links to cool zines and how-to's for this challenge:

How to Make a Zine


QZAP: Queer Zine Archive Project


Zine Maker: Kelsey Choo




The Survival Library Zines


WikiBooks’ Zine Making


Printed Matter, Inc.

https://www.printedmatter.org/catalog/digital-downloadsopens a new window


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