Teen Book Horoscope: Virgo

Welcome to your teen book horoscope. In this blog series, I look at the current zodiac sign and suggest books based on the traits and characteristics associated with that sign.

This month we look at Virgo, the zodiac sign for people born August 23-September 22.


Maiden with wheat

Character Traits:

Loyal friends, practical, always willing to help, hardworking, shy, careful, modest, well organized, good communicators, perfectionists, hard on themselves and critical of others

Whether you’re a Virgo or can just relate to these traits, these teen books might appeal to the maiden in you.

Stay Sweet (book)

Stay Sweet (eBook)

Amelia has worked at an all-female run ice cream shop for the past three summers and just got promoted to manager. When the owner of the shop dies, a male relative arrives to take over the shop and makes some controversial changes. Amelia is a true Virgo. She is hardworking, organized, and good at communicating. All of these skills serve her well when she tries to take back the ice cream shop and turn it back into the all-female run business she loves.

Autoboyography (book)

Autoboyography (eBook)

Tanner is a bisexual teen living in a conservative Utah town, so he and his family decide to keep his sexuality a secret. Tanner’s plan is to stay under the radar till he graduates this spring and then move far away. His best friend encourages him to try an advanced writing class to help him express himself. In the class, Tanner is pushed out of his comfort zone by the writing assignments and his crush on a Mormon student. Virgos will relate to Tanner’s conflict over wanting to share things about himself through writing, and fear he’ll end up getting hurt.

Pet (book)

Pet (eBook)

Jam has grown up in a Utopian city where there are no monsters, real or imagined, and everyone is safe. One night a beast escapes from one of her mother’s vivid paintings. Jam finds out its mission is to seek and destroy a remaining human monster who is still lurking in the city. Jam is the perfect blend of Virgo traits. She is shy yet willing to fight for what she believes and carefully pushes those around her to see the truth.

This Was Our Pact (book)

This Was Our Pact (eBook)

This fall equinox Ben and his friends decide to follow the paper lanterns set off in their town every year. They’ve made a pact to stick together no matter what, but pretty soon everyone starts riding home except for Ben and a boy named Nathaniel. Together these two boys go on a magical, whimsical adventure to discover where the lanterns land. Virgo readers will appreciate the careful nature of the writing and the powerful theme of friendship in this beautiful graphic novel.