Teen Book Horoscope: Scorpio


Welcome to your teen book horoscope. In this blog series, I look at the current zodiac sign and suggest books based on the traits and characteristics associated with that sign.

This month we look at Scorpio, the zodiac sign for people born October 22 - November 21.



Character Traits:

Intense, brave, loyal and protective to loved ones, curious, likes a mystery, drawn to a debate, persistent, determined and enjoys authentic people.

Whether you’re a Scorpio or can just relate to these traits, these teen books might appeal to the scorpion in you.

Rules for Vanishing (book)

Rules for Vanishing (ebook)

Sara's sister Becca disappeared a year go when she went searching for a ghost called Lucy Gallows. Sara knows the only way to bring Becca back is to follow the same mysterious ghost road into the woods. With her sister's diary and help from her friends, Sara embarks on a terrifying trip though a haunted forest to find her sister. This intense, creepy mystery is perfect for Scorpio readers who like to solve puzzles and enjoy acts of pure bravery.

Fireborne (book)

Fireborne (ebook)

Annie and Lee come from two different backgrounds. Annie comes from a lowborn family, while Lee comes from an upper class family. They both grew up in an orphanage and have become close, trusting friends.They're both also skilled dragon riders for their kingdom's famous army. When a war breaks out, Annie and Lee will both have to chose what side to fight on, even if that means ruining friendship. Scorpios will be drawn to the books heated debates about loyalty and honor.

Furia (book)

Furia (ebook)

At home Camila is quiet and obedient and follows all her strict father's rules. But on the soccer field, she is La Furia, a talented player who helps her team qualify for the South American tournament. The problem is her family doesn't know she plays soccer and believes girls shouldn't play. Now Furia must decide if she is going tell her family about her soccer team, or continue hiding it. But if she keeps hiding it, she risks losing the one thing she cares about the most. Furia's persistence and desire to be true to herself will appeal to authentic, one-of-a-kind Scorpios.

This Is My America (book)

Tracy has been writing to Innocence X, a justice-seeking project for seven years, hoping they can help free her innocent father from death row. When her brother is wrongfully arrested for killing a white girl, Tracy is distraught. Worried her brother might also go to jail, Tracy sets out to prove her brother's innocence. But it's not going to be easy. Her racist town has a history of police brutality and her brother is on the run. Scorpio readers will relate to Tracy's loyalty and determination to save her family.