Teen Book Horoscope: Leo

Welcome to your teen book horoscope. In this blog series, I look at the current zodiac sign and suggest books based on the traits and characteristics associated with that sign.

This month we look at Leo, the zodiac sign for people born July 23 - August 22.



Character Traits:

Natural leaders, charismatic, live life to the fullest, protective of loved ones, self-confident, generous, blunt, honest, energetic, passionate, willing to try anything, enjoy theater and drama

Whether you’re a Leo or can just relate to these traits, these teen books might appeal to the lion in you.

Once & Future (eBook)

Once & Future

This fun, action-packed retelling of the King Arthur legend takes place in outer space. Ari has pulled the magical sword that turns her into the modern King Arthur. With the help of the sword, a wizard named Merlin, and a cast of diverse characters, Ari sets off to save the universe from an evil government. Ari’s leadership skills, protective nature and passion to save the world will appeal to Leo readers.

Throw Like A Girl (eBook)

Throw Like A Girl

Liv was kicked off her softball team and out of her old school for punching a girl on the opposite team. Willing to do anything to get back on a softball team, Liv agrees to play football at her new school. The football team needs a new player because the cute quarterback Grey has been injured. Now Liv has to use her Leo self-confidence to impress her new coach, Grey, and the softball team if she ever wants to get back on the field. This romantic, smart, sports story is full of Leo-type lessons about never giving up and being true to yourself.

You in Five Acts

Five seniors who attend a fancy arts high school dream of stardom and strive for perfection. Diego, Liv, Ethan, Joy and Dave all want to make it big after they graduate, but their senior year is full of distractions. Unrequited love, pressure to be perfect, hurt feelings and misunderstandings all threaten to ruin their chances of fame and friendship. This coming-of-age book is full of things Leos enjoy such as intense drama, theater scenes and passionate dialogue.

Paper Towns (eBook)

Paper Towns

Quentin (Q) has had a crush on his neighbor Margo ever since they were little kids. One night Margo wakes Q up asking for help in getting revenge against her boyfriend and best friend who have been seeing each other behind her back. Q agrees to help, but the next day he finds out Margo has disappeared. Set on finding Margo, Q follows clues and letters Margo left behind, taking him on a wild adventure. Margo is pure Leo. She’s charismatic, goes for what she wants, energetic and never gives up. She’ll draw any reader in, even if you’re not a Leo.