Teen Book Horoscope: Capricorn

Welcome to your teen book horoscope. In this blog series, I look at the current zodiac sign and suggest books based on the traits and characteristics associated with that sign.

This month we look at Capricorn, the zodiac sign for people born December 22  - January 19.



Character Traits:

Practical, rule follower, loves family and tradition, persistent, realistic, hard worker, knows what they want and goes for it, sly sense of humor, enjoys learning, being around beautiful things.

Whether you’re a Capricorn or can just relate to these traits, these teen books might appeal to the goat in you.

By Any Means Necessary (eBook)

Torrey heads off to college and a world of new possibilities. But all his dreams come crashing down when his beloved uncle dies and leaves Torrey a bee farm. The farm is in a desirable part of the city, and if Torrey can’t pay the taxes the farm will be foreclosed. Torrey is a hard-working Capricorn who believes in family and tradition. He’s also a Capricorn realist and knows he can’t keep balancing school with his work on the farm. Torrey has to make a choice about what he wants his life to look like. A heartwarming story about making difficult choices.

The Shadows Between Us (eBook)

Alessandra is Capricorn persistent when it comes to her devious plan to take over the throne. She has already gained the attention of the mysterious Shadow King and now plans to marry him. Once she is queen, all she has to do is kill him, and the kingdom is hers. There are others in the kingdom who want the Shadow King dead, and Alessandra will have to outwit them all if she’s going to become queen. Capricorn readers will enjoy Alessandra’s sly humor and the detailed descriptions of clothes and food.

Tigers, Not Daughters (ebook)

The Torres sisters share the Capricorn belief that nothing is more important than family and tradition. This belief is all the girls have, since their sister Ana died after falling out a window. As Rosa, Jessica and Iridian grieve, they start to see strange things around the house. Is Ana haunting them, or are the sisters still in shock? A heartbreaking story about the power of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Ashfall (eBook)

Alex is home alone after his family leaves for the weekend. He’s excited to play video games and see his friends. Then a super volcano erupts. The sky turns black, ash is in the air and violence breaks out. Forced to set out and find his family, Alex encounters danger and horror at every turn. Capricorns will cheer Alex on as he learns survival skills and becomes ever more determined to reach his family.