Teen Book Horoscope: Cancer

Welcome to your teen book horoscope. In this blog series, I look at the current zodiac sign and suggest books based on the traits and characteristics assigned to that sign.

This month we look at Cancer, the zodiac sign for people born June 21 - July 22.



Character Traits:

Sensitive, quick to change their minds, artistic, super imaginative, likes to stay home, enjoys family time, sentimental, loyal, moody, takes care of themselves both physically and mentally, intuitive and knows when something is wrong.

Whether you’re a Cancer or can just relate to these traits, these teen books might appeal to the crab in you.

This month all titles are in eBook format due to the closure of King County Library System library buildings in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Save the Date

Charlie's determined to make her older sister’s wedding an amazing event. It's the last time her whole family will be together in her childhood home that's being sold right after the marriage. As the wedding plans fall apart, Charlie must use her Cancer traits of devotion, quick thinking and creativity to save the wedding and keep everyone happy.

Patron Saints of Nothing

Ray's Cancer-like intuition tells him somethings not right when his cousin is mysteriously murdered in the Philippines. Deciding to find out the truth, Ray travels to the country and uncovers the brutal truth behind his cousin’s death.

The Black Flamingo

Michael is a mixed race, gay teen who finds love, hope and acceptance after joining a Drag Society where he creates a drag persona, The Black Flamingo. Michael is a character Cancer readers can relate to: he's talented, imaginative, thoughtful and full of dreams.


Greer's excited she's been invited to an exclusive party with the popular kids, but when she gets to the house, she realizes it's not a normal party. It's a hunting party and they're not hunting animals, they're hunting guests. No one knows how to protect themselves better than a Cancer, and in this fast-paced, deadly thriller, that's needed.