Teen Book Horoscope: Aries

Welcome to your teen book horoscope. In this blog series, I look at the current zodiac sign and suggest books based on the traits and characteristics assigned to that sign.

This month we look at Aries, the zodiac sign for people born March 21-April 20.



Character Traits:

Competitive and likes to win, brave, acts first and thinks later, honest, goes after their dreams and goals, generous, likes to help others, not afraid of a challenge, and enjoys being active and sports.

Whether you’re an Aries or can just relate to these traits, these teen books might appeal to the water bearer in you. This month all titles are in ebook format due to the closure of KCLS library buildings in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Last of Her Name

A science fiction space adventure about a young teen girl who discovers she is the long-lost princess Anya who disappeared after her family was killed during a rebellion in her home galaxy. When her best friend is captured by the new ruling powers, Anya must harness the Aries traits of bravery, determination and ambition to save her friend and stay alive.

Flowers in the Gutter

Flowers in the Gutter

The true story of the Edelweiss Pirates, working-class teenagers who fought against the Nazis during WWII. With the Aries desire to help others and the ability to rise to any challenge, these heroic teens risked their lives to distribute anti-war leaflets, help persecuted people escape and fight in the armed rebellion.


Set in the Pacific Northwest wilderness, this action-packed survival story follows Pete and Annie as they try to make it out alive after their camping trip goes wrong. When a series of wildfires break out around them, and Pete is badly injured, Annie must fight her way out of the forest to find help. Aries readers will enjoy the themes of taking action, making quick decisions in the face of danger and outdoor survival.

The Feminist Agenda of Jemima Kincaid

As a true Aries, Jemima doesn't like losing, never stops still she reaches her goal and doesn't shy away from a challenge. When she's put on the planning committee for her school's prom, Jemima makes it her mission to plan an unforgettable prom that is less sexist and more welcoming. Will all Jemima's Aries attributes be enough to reach her goal or will she fall flat?