Tabletop Gamers UNITE…separately…at home

Tabletop and Role Playing Gamers (RPG), we know you have been missing gaming in the library and at home with friends and/or family. With social distancing measures in place, gaming groups have had to find creative new ways to hang out and play. Fortunately there are free options out there to get your game on. Play old favorites or try a new game and invite friends to join (or meet new gaming friends)! New to gaming? All links provide helpful videos, tutorials, and walk-throughs. These web-based options are sure to hold you over until your next game night!

For the Tabletop Gamer

Board Game Arena and Tabletopia require no downloads and you can play directly from your web browser with your friends or with thousands of players from around the world. 

Board Game Arena

Popular titles include: SushiGo, Kingdomino, Carcassonne, and Terra Mystica.

Also available for iOS/Android devices, Wii U, Playstation, and Xbox One


Popular titles include: Scythe, Santorini, Clans of Caledonia, and My Little Scythe.

Also available for iOS/Android devices and Steam

Still feeling disconnected from friends?

Consider using Discord

Easily chat with each other during gaming via audio, video, and/or text for free. 

Available via web browser, Mac/Linux/Windows, and iOS/Android