Summer Reading Picks For Teens

There's still time left to complete Summer Reading! If you're looking for books to fulfill your minutes on your reading log or just looking for a new book to read during the long summer days, this list of books for middle and high school students is a good place to start.

Summer Books For Teens

Elouise is stuck wearing the Hot Dog costume at her amusement park summer job while pining after her crush. When she finds out the park will close after the summer she decides to stop at nothing to win his heart. This quirky, romantic read is perfect for readers toiling away at hot, tiring summer jobs.

This fast-paced, tech-centered read follows Opal as she tries to win a contest for developing the best virtual reality experience and a chance to meet her father’s killer. Set in a dystopian future, this book should be read when you can’t spend another summer day playing video games.

Steph is dead but his music lives on thanks to his sister who continues to promote his music. Problem is, she hasn’t told the record company or his fans that Steph is dead. Full of hip hop references, friendship and grief this powerful story should be read after listening to your favorite summer song.

Two female fighter pilots with magical abilities fight against a terrible enemy who threatens their country. This complex story explores the power of friendship and its ability to push people to discover their true selves. A book to read after long summer hangouts with friends.

Norris just moved to Texas from Canada and in order to understand the traditions at his new American school he starts taking notes on his fellow classmate’s behavior. Snarky, honest and full of authentic observations about high school, this book will almost make you miss being in school, almost.

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