Rock On at Your Library

If you've explored trails and parks here in Western Washington, chances are you may have seen some colorful rocks dotting the landscape. Whether they feature children's book superstars or a simple word or phrase, rock painting, hiding, and hunting is a new fad that's taken off

This all reportedly began when a Massachusetts woman left a rock with an inspiring message on it on a Cape Cod beach. Since then, the Kindness Rocks project has rapidly spread worldwide. More locally here in Washington, Facebook groups have sprung up for almost every city in the state, promoting art, community, and creativity by hiding and painting rocks.

As always, your library is here to support you in whatever you're interested in. If you've never tried (or heard of) rock painting, here is a great article by a Washington state writer that serves as an excellent introduction and how-to.

If you need some rockin' inspiration for your blank rocks, we have books for that.

The Art of Stone Painting

Rock Art!

Art on the Rocks


Why stick to rock specific art books? We also have general art books that will help even the most stick figure artist (like me!) paint something fun.      

How to Draw Almost Everything

Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Faces

Kawaii Doodle Class

You can certainly enjoy making gorgeous rocks on your own, but why not participate with fellow rockers? The library occasionally hosts rock painting parties at different libraries. If you don't see a party near you, you're always welcome to book one of our meeting rooms and paint away.