Renovated Anderson School

McMenamins is known for restoring historic buildings with artistic decorations, not just for their brewery/restaurant business... so I heard before but I didn't know what it was really like to experience it until I happened to visit there late December afternoon in 2016.

Anderson School in Bothell is vibrant with renovation. Construction is ongoing in its surrounding areas but the parking lot seemed close to full. Families were smiling as they came and went. The good smell of firewood smoke was coming from fire pits. A movie theater, a swimming pool, a gift shop, restaurants, and a community room were established along with a hotel filled with creations of art. Yet, the best part of the building was its staff members, who seem to be filled with joy and pride to work there. Really? Yes, that truly was the astonishing impression I had after talking with several of them.

In the halls of the hotel, people in Bothell's history were depicted in framed articles and their accompanying paintings. If you want to see Grandma Bothell offering a pie, you can see her there.

KCLS's Bothell librarians have compiled a Bothell history resources list. Below are some samples from the list. Some of resources on the list are online, right at your fingertips.

Bothell, Washington, Then & Now, 1909-2009

Every page has historical pictures of people and buildings! Experience Bothell's first 100 years through words and pictures. A DVD of documentary film is attached: A Sense of Time and Place (26 minutes), mostly a slide show of fascinating historical photos, produced and directed by Gray Warriner.

Slough of Memories

Community members of Northshore collaborated to create these historical recollections of life in Bothell, Kenmore, North Creek, Woodinville, 1920-1990. Many personal essays and photos are included. The index is helpful in finding the information you need about a specific place or person.

Newpaper Archive of Bothell Sentinal and Citizen (1908-1939, 1940-1960, 1961-1975)

Bothell Independent began publication in 1903, serving the pioneer communities of Bothell, Kenmore, and Woodinville. With the joint effort of Bothell Historical Museum and The Woodinville Historical Society, the local newspaper is now available online. More dates will be available soon.

Bonus: Psst, at McMemamins, a community room is available for the residents of Bothell. After reading all the requirements, fill out the online application!