Reading the Dragon, part 1: Yes you can!

dragoncon_logo_2016The largest, wildest, and possibly most fun science fiction, fantasy, and gaming convention in the United States, Dragon Con, wrapped their 30th anniversary event earlier this month in Atlanta, GA. And with it we got the first ever Dragon Awards, in which fans of scienfictional pop-culture fun voted for the genre books, movies, TV-shows and games they loved the best in the 2015-2016 season.

So can you get these fan favorites from your King County Library System? Yes, you can. Well, mostly. (Mostly)

In Part 1 I'll be sharing the award-winning books you have access to with the power of your library card. But the good news is that KCLS has nearly all the rest!

son_of_the_black_sword_coverHugely popular, "Monster Hunter" writer Larry Correia leveled-up as a storyteller in this rich, complex fantasy-adventure set in an alternate-future-history of the Indian sub-continent. Son of the Black Sword won for Best Fantasy Novel.


Terry Pratchett's legion of fans gave the palm posthumously to their hero for the last Discworld novel we'll ever get. The final installment of Tiffany Aching's adventures with the Mac Feegles, The Shepherd's Crown, won for Best Young Adult or Middle-School novel.


David Weber, beloved for his long-running Honor Harrington adventures, won the Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy category with Hell's Foundations Quiver. This is book six in the Safehold series, where the lone human planet not wiped out by the mysterious Gbaba is subject to an arcane planet-wide experiment in human social engineering.


Naomi Novak's latest entry in the intriguing "what if the Napoleanic War were fought with dragons" won for Best Alternative History Novel. League of Dragons is book nine in the the Temeraire series.

ms_marvel_issue_1_coverMs Marvel, by the creative team of Sana Amanat, G Willow Wilson, and Adrian Alphona has generated a lot of buzz by updating a classic super-hero action with a young Muslim heroine. Best Comic Book went to issue #1, where a kid from Jersey city discovers she's acquired a bizzare super-power that threatens to turn everything she thought of as "normal" on its head.

sandman_overture_coverNeil Gaiman has always been, deservedly, a huge fan-favorite, and his most beloved stories (Swamp Thing notwithstanding) have been those about Morpheus (Dream), one of the supernatural personifications of metaphysical concepts that make up the Endless. Sandman Overture, a long-awaited prequel won for Best Graphic Novel.

Congratulations to all the winners, and happy reading to everyone discovering these books for the first time. Coming up next week: What we don't have (but wish we did).

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