Read Band Books: Riot Grrrl Edition

In this (the very first!) installment of “Read Band Books,” the Riot Grrrl movement takes center stage. Whether or not you’re familiar with Riot Grrrl culture, these gems will expose you to the ways of the feminist punk pioneers that shaped the movement:


Girls to the Front

Read this to familiarize yourself with the origins of the movement and to explore how Riot Grrrls first began fighting sexism and harassment at punk shows in the ‘90s.


Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl

Read this memoir to experience Carrie Brownstein’s personal account of the turbulence and passion of the Riot Grrrl Movement and her involvement in it as part of her band, Sleater-Kinney.


The Riot Grrrl Collection

Read this for primary source material from the original Riot Grrrl zines, flyers, and artwork that helped to spread this feminist revolution.