Read a Book with a Friend

If you're participating in this year's reading challenge, 10 to Try 2020, you may wonder what it means to "Read a book with a friend." We're hoping you'll use this category to connect with someone close to you through a book. There are lots of ways to do that! Here are a few ideas:

  • Read a book aloud together. Being read to isn't just for kids (although we encourage that too!) There's something special about hearing a book in the voice of someone you're close to. Next time you're tempted to put on Netflix, try picking up a book instead.
  • Read with a book group. Whether you're joining a new group or continuing on with a group you've belonged to for many years, reading a book with your fellow book group members definitely counts. Looking for a book group to join? Check out the book groups happening at a library near you. 
  • Read a book, then recommend it to a friend and discuss it. Not sure about the ending? Can't decide whether you love or hate the characters? Sometimes the best way to understand your own response to a book is to talk to someone else who read it. Find a friend who's willing to read the title you can't stop thinking about.
  • Have a commute buddy or going on a road trip? Listen to an audiobook in the car together. We have an app for that! In fact, we have two, plus a big collection of audiobooks on CD!

How do you plan to share a book with a friend this year?