Queen of the Grammys: SZA

The awards haven't gone out yet, but I'm already crowning this year's Queen of the Grammys (a title I just made up): her name is SZA, and she's amazing and I wish she was my bestie. 

GIF of SZA clapping and smiling

This year, SZA is up for five Grammys, opens a new window: Best New Artist, Best Urban Contemporary Album (Ctrl), Best R&B Song ("Supermodel"), Best Rap/Sung Performance ("Love Galore") and Best R&B Performance ("The Weekend"), making her the most nominated woman in a male-dominated Grammys season, opens a new window

Her heartfelt reaction to finding out about her nominations makes me love her even more. 

Who is SZA?

So, who is she and why is she so swoon-worthy? You've got some time to cram before the Grammys! 

SZA (born Solána Rowe), burst onto the mainstream music scene this year with her debut studio album, Ctrl, opens a new window, an album that blends themes of nostalgia, sexuality, insecurity, and black womanhood in a way that oozes vulnerability and raw honesty— all the while experimenting with the "alt-R&B" genre. In fact, she challenged the whole idea of genre in an interview last year with the Los Angeles Times:

"People grapple with labeling me as hip-hop, R&B or pop, and it's interesting to me... When you try to label it, you remove the option for it to be limitless. It diminishes the music."

That philosophy is clear in her work on Ctrl, which fuses elements of neo-soul, classical jazz, hip-hop, chillwave, pop, R&B, and countless other musical genres. 


Movie poster for Moonrise KingdomSZA cites much of her inspiration as musical but also names a number of nonmusical influences that shape her work, such as films (like those of Wes Anderson and Spike Lee) and dance (SZA used to dance with the American Ballet Theatre, where she discovered Björk's music—cool, right??). Her collaborative instincts allow her to merge her vast range of influences with her own unique approach to music, and the result is a stunning collage of lushly layered sound that rejects traditional genre labels. 

If any of this resonates with you, you might like this little list I put together of a few of SZAs many influences (musical and otherwise), along with what she had to say about them. Check out the link to the full list at the end! 


SZA: Influences

A compilation of work that SZA has cited as influences on her work and overall aesthetic. At the end of the list, you'll find links to the interviews and articles that provided the quotations.

Spike Lee



Ella Fitzgerald


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