Pretty In Print: The Cast of Pretty In Pink Writes!

If you're a devoted fan of John Hughes' classic teen movies, chances are you've spent a moment wondering what happened to these characters after the credits rolled. Did Ferris Bueller become a fry cook on Venus? And what became of the teenagers in Pretty in Pink?

Did Andie become a fashion designer and buy a house on the right side of the tracks? (From the looks of that prom dress, many would argue no.) Did Blane finally learn to think for himself and break free of the confines of his upper-class life? And what ever happened to Duckie? Looking back, he was probably the most promising of the bunch, if he could just channel his energy and passion in a direction other than Andie...

Delightfully, we do know what happened to the stars of these movies and it's curious that the three leads from Pretty in Pink all grew up to be authors.

Molly Ringwald combines self-help and memoir in Getting the Pretty Back, a guide to feeling like your best self even in the wake of a break-up or other jarring life event. You won't find dishy stories from the film industry, but you will learn never to keep fresh tomatoes in the fridge:

Getting the Pretty Back

Ringwald has also published a collection of fictional slice-of-life stories:

When It Happens to You

Andrew McCarthy is an established travel writer who details his journeys around the world as well as his own journey toward maturity in The Longest Way Home:

The Longest Way Home

This Spring, McCarthy channeled his inner Andie and published Just Fly Away. The novel is believably written from the perspective of a fifteen-year-old girl who has just discovered that her father secretly fathered a child with another woman:

Just Fly Away

Last but certainly not least, Jon Cryer tells all in his memoir So That Happened. This candid and funny book is dishy and entertaining, but never feels exploitative or gossipy. And yes, you do get to read all about Charlie Sheen's fascinating Tiger Blood meltdown, but only because Cryer was personally and professionally impacted:

So That Happened

Most of these titles are also available in downloadable format through Overdrive.