Press Pause Before You Press Play

If you love binge-watching TV series, you may find it frustrating trying to use the library to do so. All too often you’ll go to place a series on hold and find that Season 1 has a much longer waiting list than the later seasons. Everything either arrives out of order, or you’re forced to place the seasons on hold individually to stagger their arrival.

But wait, there’s hope! You can use the Pause option in your account to time the arrival of your holds. Many people don’t realize this option exists until they’re going out of town or otherwise going to miss the holds they’ve patiently waited for. It allows you to continue moving up the hold list until you reach the top, but your item won’t come in until the date you select. Obviously, this is great when you know you’ll be occupied until a specific date, but it’s also super handy when it comes to timing the arrival of your holds so that things come in the order you want them.

After you've paused your holds, you will find them in a separate list in your account.  They will "resume" automatically on the date you've selected, but you can also go in at any time and resume your holds manually.  This gives you quite a bit of freedom in terms of choosing when things come in.

As soon as you finish one season of a show, you could resume the hold on the next one (this might mean a bit of a wait) OR you could wait until you're at the top of the list for the whole series and binge away.  Since your holds will come in almost immediately, you just have to decide how much you can watch within the borrowing period. It totally pays to press pause before you press play.

Happy viewing!