People Doing Extraordinary Stuff

I had an interesting request this week: "I want to read a book about a real person doing crazy stuff. Not violence necessarily, just really out-there people doing something extraordinary or unbelievable."

What a great request! Who can resist living vicariously through those who decide it's a good idea to steal moon rocks from NASA, or pretend to be a Rockefeller for 30 years? None of use are likely to accomplish these 'goals' in our lives, but we sure as heck want to find out how they managed this outlandishness (or why they even thought it was a fine idea in the first place). Get your foolhardy fix with these off-the-wall characters.

The Man in the Rockefeller Suit

This guy came from Germany to scam everyone he met in the US for the next 30 years that he was a Rockefeller... even his wife!


Swimming With Piranhas at Feeding Time

Coniff is probably the next Steve Irwin. In addition to swimming with piranhas, he roamed around with wild African dogs, and allowed large insects to copulate on his forehead.


Sex on the Moon

NASA fellow Thad Roberts' (and friends) plan to steal precious moon rocks was successful... until they tried to sell them.


The Gardner Heist

In 1990, two men broke into the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum in Boston and committed the largest art heist in history.


Catch Me If You Can

You may have seen the movie, but according to Frank Abagnale himself, the movie is only 80% accurate. Read his book to get the full story of this renowned imposter and escape artist.


Walking the Amazon

Ed Stafford learns that no one has attempted to walk the full length of the Amazon - 4,000 miles along the most bio-diverse habitat on earth. Guess what he does? Yep, he takes the challenge.


Confessions of A Master Jewel Thief

To be a master jewel thief, one needs to be patient, calculating, and good at swindling the mob. Just ask Bill Mason.


Undercover Cop

Publisher's Weekly says: "Billed as a true-crime version of The Sopranos, the story of Russell's violent life as an undercover cop cum trusted associate of the Genovese crime clan in Newark, N.J., has more plot twists than the acclaimed TV series." That means you should probably read this one.

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