No One Can Ruin Your Beloved Story (Really)

I know it feels like that; when someone with an axe to grind decides to, well, take an axe, to something you loved about a book or a movie in their new production.

Beauty and the Beast Disney Animated Movie cover

Writer Jagi Lamplighter explains why so many introverted, book-loving girls feel utterly betrayed by Disney Corp's decision to make Belle an inventor, because, according to actress Emma Watson, reading just isn't cool or interesting enough. As a book-loving nerd and the daughter of a book-loving third world immigrant who literally lived Belle's constrained village life, it makes me sad, too. Books and libraries are such a huge part of that character, and so important to us. And now that's gone, right?

Nope. Your public library has copies of the original movie: It's not going anywhere! And that's usually true for whatever remake that Mega-Corp-Inc. churns out. Turn to KCLS: we'll find that beloved story for you (really!). And while we're at it, we can match you up with more books (or movies) that are a lot like your old favorite.

Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving DVD cover

So for fans disappointed by the Beauty and the Beast remake, try Hayao Miazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. In it, Sophie Hatter transforms a beastly young wizard and a demon into something beautiful and (mostly) good with stubbornness and love. Set in an alternate 1920s England, just as Beauty and the Beast is set in an alternate medieval France, Studio Ghibli's animation easily rivals Disney's.


For your reading pleasure, pick up the book that her fans are convinced Disney cribbed from: Robin McKinley's Beauty. The fully-realized heroine is also the familiar horse- and book-loving girl of the animated movie.

Books and movies aren't Old Coke, to be utterly cast aside when New Coke is forced on the populace. Love the original? Read it, re-read it and share it with a friend. Your local library is here to help.

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