Must… Escape… from the Holidays!

I don’t mean to complain. I love holidays. I love big get-togethers. But I need – NEED! – my alone-time. So, when this time of year rolls around, full of fun and frolic and family and friends all round, I plan to get away. Seriously away, regularly, just for a short time. Not wanting to miss a party, and definitely not wanting to miss out on the delectable morsels of food at a party, I have to figure out how to get away without actually going away. Enter… escapist reading!

The following books are on this year’s holiday-get-away shelf. Some of them are extreme solo adventures. Just like it’s safe to read about a blizzard in July, it’s nice to read about isolation when surrounded by people I love. Consider it an emotional palate-cleansing.

Rowing the Atlantic

There are few places on earth where one can be really, truly, alone. The open ocean is one of them. Sure, there’s radio and internet contact… as long as it works. Sure, there are other sailors out there… if their ship doesn’t pull you under its wake. For a hundred days, Roz Savage chose to be very, very alone as she rowed across the Atlantic.

Kayaking Alone

If you’re into the environment, into history, into the Pacific Northwest, this is the book for you. The author, a journalist-turned-kayaker, sought to discover for himself the state of the river and salmon runs of the mighty Columbia.

Go your Own Way

The 23 women in these stories didn't choose absolute isolation, but they did travel mostly alone to an amazing variety of locations. How they got there, whom they met, what they experienced as travelers alone, makes for great but safe reading.

Lighthouses of the Pacific Coast

For a delightful visual journey, insert yourself into the beautiful photos of historic lighthouses and keepers’ quarters. Nothing says solitude like a lighthouse perched on a rock above crashing waves, exposed to every stormy wind that blows, with only occasional deliveries of supplies and mail.

Happy holidays!