Music and Movies for Fans of “Mandy”

As a lifelong Nicolas Cage fanatic, I feel I have an almost civic duty to see every single one of his movies! This has led me to consume some very questionable media in recent years (I'm looking at you, Ghost Rideropens a new window!) and fear that the Golden Age of Cage might be done forever. 

Thankfully, Cage finally found a movie worthy of his bizarre charm and unusual talents in Mandy, the visionary new horror film from director Panos Casmotos that's currently in limited theatrical release. A must-see for cinephiles and horror fans alike, Casmotos deftly weaves 1980s nostalgia into a visually arresting film that still feels fresh and new. 

If you're a Mandy fan, a horror fan, or just in the mood for some spooky tunes and movies to complement a gloomy day, look no further than your library!


Mandy Motion Picture Soundtrackopens a new window

Mandy's dark synth-driven score, composed by the late Jóhann Jóhannssonopens a new window, is truly spellbinding. Listen to it by candlelight, or on a long drive through misty autumnal streets. 

Twin Peaks Soundtrackopens a new window

Johannsson's work reminds me a lot of Angelo Badalamentiopens a new window, composer of the ominous instrumental soundtrack that was so integral to the mood of David Lynch's Twin Peaksopens a new window


Beyond the Black Rainbowopens a new window

Miraculously, Mandy is only the second feature from director Panos Casmotos. He made his bold debut back in 2010 with Beyond the Black Rainbow, a stylish, retro-futuristic thriller about a young woman with psychic powers attempting to escape the medical facility where she's been a lifelong captive. 

Suspiriaopens a new window

Mandy's super saturated colors and surreal imagery remind me a lot of Suspiria, Dario Argentoopens a new window's psychedelic horror classic about a murderer terrorizing a German ballet school. I can't wait to see the remakeopens a new window coming to theaters later this month!

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