Modern Book Groups Online

Joining a book club can be a fun way to connect with a community of readers, experience new perspectives, and discover books you might not otherwise have read. You can find a book group at a KCLS library near you or get inspired to read along with your favorite celebrity-curated book clubs online

1. Emma Roberts, Belletrist Book Club

Actress Emma Roberts & her friend Karah met in New York almost 10 years ago, but became friends when they realized they both suffered from the same condition: tsundoku. Tsundoku is a serious affliction that affects readers of all ages. Quite literally it is the Japanese word for "pile of books" but it also describes the compulsive habit of buying books and allowing them to pile up on shelves, dressers, under the bed, in the oven (in Karah’s case), in the car (in Emma’s case), and in totes and purses you never use (both guilty!) Over the course of their friendship, Emma & Karah have realized that there is really one way to manage this obsession, and that is to talk about what they are reading with one another.

The Rules Do Not Apply

2. Emma Watson, Our Shared Shelf

As part of her work with the United Nations, Emma Watson started reading as many books and essays about equality as she could get her hands on. She decided to start a feminist book club, to share what she learned and hear from others.

The Argonauts

3. Reese Witherspoon, RW Book Club

Actress Reese Witherspoon loves to share her recommended reading on Instagram and has created an account just to highlight the books she suggests.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

4. Nylon Magazine Bookclub

While not helmed by a specific celebrity endorsement, the fashion magazine suggests an excellent selection of buzzy titles and believes that book clubs should be as simple as possible. They write:

"You know what always sounds like a fun idea? Starting a book club. But you know what always ends up being maybe kind of complicated to pull off in your actual life because you’re busy and it’s hard to get all your lit-loving friends together on a regular basis? A book club! Basically, it’s just too damn hard in our busy, busy lives.

And yet. What if there were a book club that didn’t involve putting out a platter of crudité and sacrificing precious weekend or weeknight hours organizing a large number of your friends to get together at the same time and in the same place? What if there were a book club where the only thing you had to was... read the book? And then get to talk about the book with the author himself/herself? Doesn’t that sound kind of perfect?"

Sour Heart