Make Pre-loaded Audiobooks a.k.a. Playaways a.k.a. Players Work For You

If you enjoy listening to audiobooks, but don't enjoy the process of downloading them from Overdrive or being tied to a cumbersome CD player, you might be the perfect candidate for Playaway audiobooks. These pre-loaded MP3 players are pocket-sized and come to you with the book of your choice already installed.

They are super portable, which makes them the perfect companion for long walks, jogs, or an afternoon spent working in the garden. You can use the headphones provided (which we do clean) or simply plug in your own. You can also listen to Playaways in your car using a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary cable if you have one.

It's been a bit tricky searching for these audio gems in the past, especially because it's hard to settle on what to call them. They can be referred to as Playaways (the brand), Players (the call number or shelving location), or Pre-loaded Audiobooks (the format). However, now there's now a handy link for Preloaded Audiobooks on our Audiobooks page (from, click on Books and More > Audiobooks > Preloaded Audiobooks):

The link will allow you to browse all of our Pre-loaded Audiobook titles. You may also search for any title, author, or subject that interests you and filter by Format to see if we have what you're looking for as a Playaway.

Happy listening!