Make! Play! Invent! at Your Makerspace

The new Bellevue Library ideaX Makerspace is a space for inventive community members to push their creativity to new bounds. The Makerspace is fully equipped to garnish your imagination with the tools it needs to learn, create and collaborate–whether you want to be a performer, designer, scientist, filmmaker or an avant-garde explorer.

The ideaX Makerspace features introductory workshops and drop-in sessions for personal projects and collaboration. Everyone is welcome to participate in lab programming and is encouraged to explore the full spectrum of making, both high-tech and hands-on. Whether you are interested in checking out a sewing machine to fix a hemline or discovering how to cut out your own logo on a laser cutter, the Makerspace is ready to support your ideas and inspirations.

The Bellevue Library ideaX Makerspace only asks one question of you—what do you want to make today?

  1. Come into the library and record the next hit podcast.
  2. Edit amazing videos for your social media accounts.
  3. Build a robot and develop your own marketing brand.
  4. Design and print a 3D prototype.
  5. Write poems and record their performance.
  6. Create code for an original video game with a Raspberry Pi.
  7. Attend drawing and painting workshops.
  8. Be inspired by fellow community members and local artists!