Love The 100? Try These Titles

Do you love the sci-fi action series The 100? Are you looking for something to tide you over until the premiere of season four? If so, read on for a list of books, movies and TV shows about space, survival and sci-fi adventure.



Battlestar Galactica

The war with the Cylons (vengeful humanoid robots) is over and humanity has lost. Now the remaining human population is confined to deteriorating space stations, which may have already been infiltrated by cylons. The only hope? Finding the mythical lost colony of earth.


Tomorrow, When the War Began / John Marsden

Australian teenager Ellie and her friends head to the Outback for a camping trip. When they return, they realize that the country has been invaded and they are the only people in their town to escape capture. Now Ellie and the others must decide whether it's better to flee or if they have what it takes to fight.


The Martian

The passengers aboard the Ark are desperate to get back to earth before their life support runs out. So is astronaut Mark Watney. After a planned mission to Mars goes awry, Watney is stranded alone on the red planet with few supplies and even fewer options. His solution? "Science the s*** out of this" in an effort to stay alive until a rescue mission can get him back to earth.


Red Rising

Far in the future, humans toil in mines in an attempt to make the surface of Mars habitable. Darrow, a member of the low-caste Red group, learns that the Red workers have been deceived: the surface was colonized years ago and the Reds are being used as slave labor for the Gold class. With the help of rebel forces, Darrow infiltrates the Gold society and seeks revenge against those who wronged him and the other Reds.