Learn Excel, Word, and More with Lynda.com!

Are you new to Excel, Word, Outlook, or other Microsoft software? Or perhaps you just need to do a little brushing up for a job interview? Whether you're a beginner or a near-expert, Lynda.com can help!

Click on the Online Library tab near the top of the KCLS website, then select Databases from the Formats menu.
kcls.org with the Online Library tab expanded to show the Databases option.

What is Lynda.com? It's a service that provides courses in business, technology, and creative skills taught by industry experts. Microsoft products are just one of many things you can learn to use; the site has over 6,000 courses overall.

How much does it cost? Normally a pay subscription service, Lynda.com is 100% free with your KCLS library card!

How to get to Lynda.com?  First click on the 'Online Library' tab near the top of the KCLS website, then select 'Databases' (see image). On the database page, scroll down to and select Lynda.com

Enter your library card number and PIN to access the site. From there you can browse and search for courses.

How do I find the training I'm looking for? To find a complete course on a specific software application, a helpful term to know is "Essential Training," which will cover all the major functions of the software. If you wanted to learn about Excel 2010, for example, you would search for "Excel 2010 Essential Training."

Is Lynda.com worth my time? I've used Lynda.com several times now and I've found it to be super helpful! I like how the Essential Courses are split up into little 3-5 minutes videos that cover specific topics, making it easy to skip the parts you know, go right to the topics you need help with, or to revisit things later.

I also like the presenters, both for their expertise and for their presentation skills. I've found that they tend to be more engaging than a lot of the technology video presenters I've experienced in the past. Overall, I think Lynda.com is definitely worth checking out! 

What if I need more hands-on help? If you try Lynda.com and find that you need some in-person help, take a look at the Computer & Technology programs at your local library.