Introducing the All New iOS Catalog App

The redesigned BiblioApps 2.0 offers new features and a completely new look.
BiblioApps 2.0 is currently only available for iOS. The Android version of the application is still in development. Here's what you need to know about iOS functionality. 

Home Screen


Personalized Library Dashboard

If you have any items due, ready for pickup, or fees, the dashboard at the top of the screen reflects their status. Tapping each icon takes you to the relevant section of your borrowing page.

Library System Messages

If there's a system message, you'll see the notification icon changes to reflect this. Tapping it takes you to a list of active system messages. 


Easy-To-Access Library Barcode

Tapping the card icon on the home screen displays a digital version of your library barcode. You can use this barcode to check out when you are at the library. This screen is also accessible anywhere in the app when the device is held horizontally. 

New at the Library Carousels

Display the most recent additions to the library's catalog.


You have the option to filter by audience, event type and/or location. You can also tap the event to view the listings and event details. 

For Later Carousel

This carousel displays items on the home screen that are available from your For Later shelf.

Staff Lists

Lists are displayed by most recently added on the home screen and available for you to explore.


Improved Search and Filters



Using grouped search to see all the formats of a title, which can be easily filtered. You can also scan the ISBN of any item to check to see if it is available at your library. 


New Item Details Screen



You can view the average rating for an item and also add your own.

Managing Your Borrowing

You can manage your holds, checkouts, and return electronic items. 

Access Digital Content

Either opening it in a browser or through a 3rd party app if you have it installed on your device. 




Discover Related Content

View items that are similar to the title you are looking at. You can view related content by subject heading, genre, or by related works contributed to or by the author.

Borrowing and Shelves

You can access and manage your borrowing and shelves with the full functionality already available to you through the desktop view of BiblioCommons. 




Location List View

See locations, whether or not they are open, and the distance to each location.

Location Information Page

View hours, closures, contact, facilities, and feature information for a particular library.


My Profile


Account Settings 

Here you can view and adjust all the settings related to your account.

Preferred Locations

Choose and update your preferred locations which are reflected across the app.

What's Next

BiblioCommons is exploring more features: 

  • Location awareness.
  • Push notifications.
  • Branch exit survey.
  • Saved searches.
  • And more.