Information Security for Beginners

If you've been following the news lately you've probably seen a TV program or an article about hacking. Whether you're concerned about someone stealing your personal information from a business or you're wondering about election hacking, these books offer some insight into information security and suggest ways to interact with the online world more safely.

Countdown to Zero Day (eBook)

The Stuxnet virus was the first piece of malicious code to ever have an impact in the physical world when it was unleashed on Iran's uranium enrichment facilities in 2009. Cybersecurity journalist Kim Zetter, who first broke the Stuxnet story, details how the virus was discovered and traced back to the US intelligence community, and discusses the political consequences of this world-shattering change in digital warfare.

Cyberspies: The Secret History of Surveillance, Hacking, and Digital Espionage  (eBook)

This history of electronic espionage focuses on the alliance between the UK and US intelligence agencies that began during World War II, flourished during the Cold War, and continues into the modern era of Big Data. Corera also discusses corporate espionage in the modern age and how sophisticated independent hackers have changed the digital landscape of the world.

Spam Nation (eBook)

Part true crime exposé and part public service announcement, Spam Nation explores the ways hackers and spam companies work (sometimes in opposition to each other) to trick the unsuspecting public into giving up their personal information or money using sophisticated code like viruses, botnets, and spyware.

The Art of Invisibility (eBook)

Author Kevin Mitnick was once at the very top of the FBI's Most Wanted list. Now he's the foremost expert on hacking, and runs a cybersecurity consulting company that is occasionally called on by the FBI to test computer systems and catch other hackers. In this book he discusses the tactics he's developed to help companies and average users protect their information online.

Messing With the Enemy (eBook)

Former FBI special agent and counter-terrorism expert Clint Watts knows a lot about misinformation campaigns and electronic espionage. In Messing With the Enemy, he gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how social media is used by agitators and governments in modern warfare and talks about what we can do to protect ourselves and our country from electronic attacks.

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