Improvements to Shelves

What You Can Expect

  • improved experience
  • easily add comments, favorite quotes, tags, and videos to items on your shelves
  • new drop-down menu
  • actions are more obvious 

Action Buttons

The current Place a Hold and Move to my... links have been replaced with Place a Hold and Move to Shelf action buttons. 

Using buttons instead of links makes actions easier to perform on a mobile device.

More Intuitive 

Easily access, edit, or delete all of your content - comments, tags, quotations, and videos - from a single editor, accessed by clicking any of the content buttons at the bottom of an item.

Displaying Content

All content you create is now visible on the shelf item, making it far easier determine which items you've tagged or commented on.

Personal tags, which you can use to organize your shelves, are only visible to you. They're displayed with a person icon.

Adding and Editing Content

It's much easier to add and edit content. Instead of using the Add Details link and then choosing the content category, there are now separate controls to add a comment, tag, quotation or video.

Each content editor opens in an overlay that is easy to use on a mobile device.

The Comment and Quotation overlays now have a character counter, so you can see if the text you want to type or paste is within the character limit (4000 characters for comments, 1000 for quotations).

Comments and videos are limited to one per item, so the controls to add these disappear once you've added a comment or video. For content types that support more than one contribution—tags and quotations—the controls remain.

The I own this and Keep this item private controls are on a drop-down menu to the right of the other controls, accessible by clicking the three dots (...).

It also easier to delete content you don't want or edit something you've already added. Comments, quotations, and videos have pencil and trash can icons next to them. Click the pencil to edit or the trash can to delete your content.

To delete a tag, click the x next to it. To edit your tags, click Add next to the existing tag, or the Tags control at the bottom of the item.

Public and Private Content

You can make an item private by clicking the three dots (...) drop-down menu at the bottom of each item, and selecting Keep this item private.

Private items have a lock icon next to the title to indicate that they are private to you. The item will not be visible to others if they view your shelf, nor will any content you add be visible to anyone but you.

New Batch Action Controls

The batch action feature has been enhanced to allow you to move multiple items from one shelf to another.

When you select an item, the batch action bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Like the borrowing pages action bar, only actions allowed on your current selection are active, and if more than one action is valid, actions are only be performed on items that are appropriate.

You can also delete multiple items from a shelf in a single operation

Pagination and Navigation

Shelves now display 25 items per page and use the same page navigation controls that appear on search results and borrowing pages.

Page navigation controls appear at both the top and bottom of a shelf. Both show the total number of items and the current group of items displayed (for example, 1 to 25 of 300). The bottom controls also provide the ability to go to a specific page.

Coming Soon: Private Notes

You will be able to add notes about the content you have added to your shelves. 

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