Humans of Libraryland: 24 Carat Chez

Welcome back to Humans of Libraryland, the blog series where you can get to know some of the people who work at your public library! We kicked off this second series of interviews in November by talking with the awesome folks who put together KCLS's new podcast, The Desk Set, and now it's time to get to know some new faces!

This week we're talking with a particularly awesome person who works in the Central region of the library system. Say hello to Chez, Library Technical Assistant at Skyway and Southcenter libraries!

Name: Cesara aka “Chez”

Position: Library Technical Assistant

How long have you been in your current position?

December 28 marked 3 years for me as an LTA.

How long have you worked in libraries? How long for KCLS?

I worked as a Teacher’s Assistant in middle school, without pay of course. And I just semi-celebrated my fourth year of employment with KCLS in October.

What are your job duties in a sentence or two?

Assisting library patrons in the building or over the phone and working with library items as they're coming and going.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

A typical workday for me starts with preparing the library for opening; processing newspapers and magazines, pulling holds that have expired. Throughout the day as I am on the desk, I help patrons with their accounts or register new patrons, and I troubleshoot the computers and the printers. Off the desk time consists of being in the backroom, and I could be placing items on the holds shelf or checking in material from the book drop among other tasks.

What are you reading right now? What do you think of it?

I’m currently reading three books; Things That Make White People Uncomfortable by Michael Bennett, Training School for Negro Girls by Camille Acker and Harlem by Eric Jerome Dickey.

Out of all three, Michael Bennett’s book has me intrigued the most; the way he describes his experience playing in the NFL and the obstacles makes you appreciate football players. 

What’s the worst reading experience you’ve ever had? Why was it so bad?

The worst reading experience ever, was from a book I read by an author we hosted at one of my libraries. There was one paragraph in particular which was repeated two times in other areas of the book. Not to mention the other grammatical errors that took my focus away from the storyline and placed it solely on the errors! (Which book was it? Dear Reader, our lips are sealed. To reveal the title would be ... indelicate. - The Editor)

Into which Hogwarts house would the Sorting Hat place you?

I always say Gryffindor, so I took a quiz out of curiosity and that’s exactly what I was placed in. These were the results: “You are bold, passionate, and brave. You have a highly-defined sense of right and wrong, and you are not afraid to speak your mind or fight for what you want.”

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your time? Any hobbies or things you’re a fan of? 

When I’m not at work I like to spend my time catching up on my favorite shows (currently The Resident, Queen Sugar, 911, and Hell's Kitchen) and getting through the many books I have checked out. It’s no surprise my hobby is reading but writing is evenly matched. On Sundays, it’s football, football, football! As a Seattleite, I most definitely follow the home team. Go Hawks! But I like to watch all of the games because there are some pretty good teams out there.

Where is your happy place? Can you describe it?

My happy place is anywhere tropical but preferably private. A nice resort with beds on the beach, white sand leading to turquoise water and the sun beaming.

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been? Why do you want to go there?

Definitely Central America and South America, especially Brazil. I went to El Centro De La Raza, a Latin-based preschool where my love for the Hispanic culture developed.

Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it?

I have something like a bucket list. The top two things on it is to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right.

Do you have a song that makes you want to sing and/or dance every time you hear it? What is it and why do you like it?

As a music lover, there is hardly a song that doesn’t make me want to sing or dance. I can easily say "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars as the beat is just too funky, you can’t help but want to dance (track 1 on the album of the same name. - The Editor). In addition to that, it’s the kind of song that can take you from a bad mood to a good one.

Who are your heroes, fictional and/or real? Why do you admire them?

I would have to say my hero is my sister. She had to grow up fast to help take care of me, but many life lessons were taught by her. As for fictional heroes, Nia Simon Bijou, a character developed by Eric Jerome Dickey. I first read about her in the book titled Decadence and I fell in love with her courage to try new things and explore her curious nature.

What talent would you most like to have?

I never know how to answer this question. I have gotten to the point where instead of thinking about talents I would like to have, I'd rather enhance the talents I do have. However, I have always wanted to be able to do the splits.

If you could try out any career other than your current one, what would it be?

A psychologist. The reason being, I spend a lot of time picking people’s brains because I’m interested in how they think as well as why. I’ve also found that I’m pretty good at reading people just by observation.

What's your five-year plan for your career?

As bad as it may seem to some that I don’t really have a five-year plan, I’m perfectly fine with it. Why? Because life is forever changing whether we want it to or not and we as people change along with it. So, I’ve learned to live in the moment and take each day as it comes.

Thanks for the chat, Chez, it's great to know you better! I'm sure I'll be dreaming of warm, sunny beaches tonight. 

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